Navigating Change

"Ever constant and unceasing, is the power of change. It is the one immutable fact of our existence that everything must and will change. Everything must adapt and improve, not only to survive, -but as an imperative of growth itself." - damon vickers

Our work at Ajra is to be observant not only of ourselves but the world in which we live. We believe that innovative change drives sales and earnings growth. We believe that the businesses that best serve the needs of the individual, their pursuit of freedom and individual expression tend not only to grow the most, expand into the general economy becoming the best performing assets in the financial markets. They achieve “sweet spot” growth status. We are observant of our own decisions as consumers, as well as the decisions of those around us. We seek to own interests in the best performing most well-run businesses and to invest our capital in the path of that change.

We believe in the value of human capital, and the power of relationships.